F I N T E C H S T A G E   F O R   C O R P O R A T E S
A bird’s eye view of the financial space shows that FinTech disruptors and innovators mainly targeted financial institutions and retail customers. The opportunity space in the b2b corporate segment remains largely untouched although various needs are emerging in the field.

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So what is it that we’re looking for when talking
FinTech for Corporates?

Our sight is set on treasury departments of corporations.
These are changing their skin and entering a much more strategic position in the organizational chart, with a stronger influence on management choices.

Their needs are evolving accordingly in search of tools to be more proactive and effective, from cash and FX management to real-time international transactions, from the automation of reporting processes to adaptive and data-rich TMSs (Treasury Management Systems).

The sector is ripe for innovative solutions and presents a valuable opportunity.

At FTS we decided to dedicate our latest research work
to the topic and are happy to share it with you