In Conversation with Erik Brieva, CEO, Strands Finance

Monday was the launch of the Spanish FinTech Wars (an initiative powered by FinTechStage that aims to boost the Spanish FinTech Ecosystem). The meet up gathered 50 FinTech enthusiasts, 3 keynotes and 4 startups competing for a first place and its prizes.

Erik Brieva, CEO of Strands Finance, was our first keynote and he agreed to answer some of my questions about the origins and future of Strands, as well as his views on the Spanish FinTech ecosystem.

But first let me introduce Strands.

In 2004, Strands was using their AI based technology to penetrate the music industry and its digitalisation. However, the market was crowded with other powerful companies trying to do the same thing and, in the end, Apple won that race. Soon after, Strand’s team decided to implement their technology in the FinTech industry and this time they aimed right. In 2008 Strands signed their first partnership with a bank, the Spanish giant BBVA. From there Strands continued to offer more products to Banks and established themselves as the “FinTech partner for Banks”.

Erik Brieva is an award-winning entrepreneur, leader, business strategist and innovation expert in the fields of FinTech, Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Software. He Co-founded multiple companies within enterprise software, mobile and Internet businesses. He is also a renowned speaker and lecturer invited to share his insight on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, lean startups, leadership, FinTech, applications of artificial Intelligence, enterprise software and business process management.

Hope you enjoy!