In Conversation with Niall Dennehy, Co-Founder & CEO, AID:Tech

Another Money 20/20 has gone by and with it plenty of exciting experiences and inspiring meetings. FinTechStage was present during the three days and while our founders where on different stages moderating and sharing their insights, Maaike Heidweiller, Luis Carlos Serna Prati, and myself hunted down a group of successful entrepreneurs to record their story.

Today’s “In Conversation With” holds a special place for me. I had the pleasure to interview Niall Dennehy, Co-founder and CEO of AID:Tech and was truly inspired by his mission: using the technology of Blockchain to help solve humanitarian crisis.

Niall has a background in software design & development, he combines his unique skill-sets with proven business acumen. Prior to founding AID:Tech with Joseph, Niall held multiple positions as Business Analyst whilst also leading the design and development of numerous award winning apps and platforms. Niall also co-founded Imprez and PresX.


Rafael Campos